Premier Private Lessons – San Francisco

For the motivated student with a goal of improving English use in a professional setting, CISL offers Premier English classes with a qualified and professional instructor.

Students first meet with their CISL teacher (who is both a certified English teacher and has a background in business) to outline their English goals in relation to their career. Working together, the student and the CISL instructor develop a rigorous, highly detailed course that incorporates texts, materials, and content related to the student’s goals. Course design also includes carefully selected methods of assessment, which ensures that the student’s progress is well charted throughout the course.

With CISL’s Premier course, students are able to assuredly communicate using language for both managerial responsibilities and the day-to-day activities of business. They are therefore able to confidently navigate their business challenges in English with ease.

Advantages of CISL Premier Private ESL Classes

  • Instruction by one of CISL’s top teachers
  • The opportunity to engage with an instructor at length
  • Highly specific, goal-oriented curriculum
  • Valuation of student achievement and progress
  • Efficient use of classroom hours and instructor contact = productive learning